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The highly stylish action game, Cuphead for PS4, has been brilliantly adapted for Sony's home console. The game offers an exciting adventure full of old school cartoon aesthetics and challenging gameplay mechanics.

Features of Cuphead for PlayStation 4

The Cuphead game on PlayStation 4 is the same great experience that drew fans on other platforms. With its unique art style, inspired by 1930's animations, engaging boss battles, and intricate level design, it's a must-have for any PS4 game library. The game supports both single-player and local co-op modes, perfect for those looking to share the run and gun action with a friend.

Features of Cuphead for PlayStation 5

On the other hand, the Cuphead on PS5 takes the vintage charm to a new level with Sony's advanced hardware. It maintains the captivating graphics and sound design, but with enhanced resolution and smoother framerate, for utmost gaming experience. Players can also take advantage of the PS5's SSD resulting in faster gaming load times.

Downloading and Installing Cuphead on PS4

In order to start your journey with the Cuphead for PS4 game, you should first ensure that your console is connected to the Internet. After that, it can be downloaded directly to your console through its digital marketplace. You'll need about 20 GB of free space on your PS4 for the game download and installation.

Downloading and Installing Cuphead on PS5

As for the Cuphead on PlayStation 5, the process is equally straightforward. You simply need to connect your console to the Internet, navigate to the game on the digital marketplace on your PS5 user interface and download. Note that the game takes around 4 GB of hard disk space, which is less compared to PS4 due to PS5's more efficient data compression.

How to Play Cuphead on PlayStation Consoles

Playing Cuphead on PS4

Once you've installed the Cuphead game on PS4, you can launch it directly from the PlayStation dashboard. The game's control setup is intuitive, with buttons mapped for shooting, jumping, and dashing. However, Cuphead is known for its high difficulty level, so be ready for a bit of a learning curve.

Playing Cuphead on PS5

Similar to its PS4 counterpart, to start the Cuphead on PlayStation, you go to the game library, select the game and press the ‘Play’ button. The next-gen controller provides haptic feedback that enhances gameplay and makes the boss battles feel more real and challenging.


Unfortunately, currently, Cuphead for PS3 is not available, the game developer StudioMDHR has not made any announcement to release it on this console.

Play Cuphead Game on PC for Free